We believe you don’t need to travel abroad to experience a wine tour. A visit to Cornwall is all you need – come rain or shine!


    Having been born in Cornwall, and raised in Padstow, we are extremely lucky to live in such a wonderful place with the freshest, local produce on our doorstep. Padstow is ideally situated to visit the local vineyards with a short drive between each one. This means that whether you are on holiday or you are a regular visitor to the area, we can provide you with a day trip like no other.

    We have a huge passion for the local wine and food scene that our home has become famous for and we would like to share that passion with like-minded people who want to indulge in what Cornwall has to offer or perhaps try something new.

    Cornwall has an abundance of award-winning wine and is quickly gaining a reputation worldwide as being able to produce some of the finest still and sparkling varieties. It is our mission to spread the word and bring accessibility to some of these locations which you may have previously overlooked. Join us for a tour, and see what all the fuss is about!

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    “Kate’s wine tour was so informative but done in a relaxed manner so it made it feel like you were amongst friends.”


    “My favourite part of the day was learning about the different wines – It was fascinating! I think the way Kate explained the process was so clear, lots of information that I didn’t know. Loved the learning basically!”


    “Every bit of hassle was taken away, so the main focus was on the vineyards and the wine tastings. I thoroughly enjoyed your tasting at Trevibban – it was pitched perfectly.”


    “Overall I just had an amazing time, had always thought of going to a wine tasting but wasn’t sure if it would be for me.”


    “The views at both vineyards were amazing. I loved how peaceful and secluded they felt.” 


    “Thank you – we had a great time and your expertise and company were both enlightening and enjoyable.”